Colombia - El Tambo (Decaf)

Colombia - El Tambo (Decaf)

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Marzipan - Orange Barley - Rooibos

This particular lot is chosen from different lots brought by four growers located in the villages of El Cerrito, Rio Blanco, Rio Sucio, and Uribe from the municipality of Cauca. The coffee is picked and depulped the same day, then generally fermented dry for 16–20 hours, washed three to four times, and dried in parabolic dryers before being taken for E.A. decaffeination at origin (Ethyl Acetate, a natural solvent derived from fermented sugar or molasses products). Expect a super clean cup of delicious decaf!

Producer - Various Smallholder farmers

Region - Cauca

Process -  E.A Decaff

Variety - Castillo

Altitude - 1750-1850M