Rwanda - Kilimbi #171H20 (Filter)

Rwanda - Kilimbi #171H20 (Filter)

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Fruit Gums - Kumquat - Kombucha


Kilimbi CWS was one of two washing stations to be granted approval to produce natural and honey processed coffee in Rwanda. Dried on traditional African raised beds, the cherries are meticulously hand sorted before drying, removing any visually under ripe cherry and then floated to further separate any low-density cherry. The coffee is laid on drying beds during high sun, ensuring maximum exposure at the warmest time of the day. Expect sweet fruit gum notes, fresh kumquats and delicate kombucha in the finish.

Producer Muraho Trading Company

Region Nyamasheke, Kilimbi, Nyarusange, Gitsimbwe

Process Honey

Variety Red Bourbon                            

Altitude 1600-1850M